ShoreLark by the SeaHow to get here

How to get here

Some online maps can be wrong, as they locate ShoreLark in Goulds; we are not: we are in Petty Harbour.

The Nests are located at 52 South Side Rd., Petty Harbour.
For Google Street View and directions: 47.463349, -52.706568

Driving directions from St. John’s International Airport: (This route will also familiarise you with downtown St. John’s.)

Follow the road out of the airport parking a couple of hundred metres, to the traffic lights and turn left at the lights. You’re now on Portugal Cove Rd. Continue straight on.

Cross Newfoundland Drive/Higgins Line (Esso station on left, Tim Horton’s & Dairy Queen on right), continue straight on.

Pass the Holiday Inn on your left. Continue straight on  but move into the left lane, closest to the centre of the road. At the next set of lights go straight; you are now on New Cove Rd. Cross Elizabeth Avenue at the next lights, and continue straight on down the hill.

At the intersection & traffic lights turn right onto Kings Bridge Rd.; continue straight up the hill (Dominion grocery store on left). Continue straight on through the traffic lights.

You will approach a set of traffic lights (Captain’s Quarter’s Hotel is on your left). Go through the lights, but veer down the small street called Ordnance St. Turn right at the corner onto Duckworth St. and then you can turn left down any street to put you on Water St. (which is the main street in St. John’s). Continue all the way along Water St. until you see the Convention Centre on your right and a Boston Pizza on your left, and go straight through the lights. You are now on Water St. West (Oceanex building on your left.) Keep going straight all along Water St. West but move into the left lane.

Continue on past the North Atlantic gas station; just past that and making sure you are in the left lane, turn left at traffic lights at the foot of Leslie St. Continue on over the small bridge; at the 4-way stop sign continue straight on, veering right up the hill (a big sign says Cape Spear Drive). This is actually Blackhead Rd. Continue straight on.

After about 5 minutes of nice ‘out-in-the-country’ driving you’ll see a highway sign on your right clearly indicating the exit to Petty Harbour /Maddox Cove. Turn right. This is Maddox Cove Rd. Just continue straight on all the way and down the hill into and drive through Maddox Cove on the main road. Ocean is on your left, and at the right time of the year you may see a whale or two.

Come around the corner into Petty Harbour. The turn is tight & road is narrow so reduce speed! The harbour is on your left. Drive through town past the Museum (on right), convenience store (on left). Go over the bridge (past Chafe’s Landing on right).

Signal left and then turn left in front of the white church. You are on South Side Rd. and about 1 minute away! ShoreLark by the Sea Nests are the blue saltbox with the red trim, and are on your right; park in one of the two parking spaces on either side of the stairs. (Please do not park across the street!) Take deep long breaths of clean salt air: you have arrived!

For various driving times and distances and other useful info, please look at this great website, courtesy of Edwin Hilwin in the Netherlands.